Radio/telethon for Maine Medical Center Pediatric Unit


It was my honor to be interviewed for the radio/telethon for Maine Medical Center’s Pediatric Unit on Thursday. There were so many wonderful volunteers manning the phones and helping to support the superb care children receive there. It brought back many memories of the seven long months we spent there during Hannah’s treatment.

It was nice to see familiar staff (so many of the nurses and staff are still there after 10 years), but sad to see that they have so many children there in the cancer treatment section. As I watched parents trying to keep their children occupied and as happy as possible with central lines and medical paraphernalia trailing after them, I felt a lump form in my throat. The job they are trying to do is so hard. Perhaps the most difficult part  is not knowing from one moment to the next what might go wrong.

As I talked with radio hosts from 107.5 Frank fm and 99.9 The Wolf, I realized that no one listening could understand what it meant to be there with a sick child unless they themselves had experienced it. I tried to share some of the feelings and referred to parts of Loving Hannah to make that experience more real. This effort is a part of the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals that make every effort to help children no matter their ability to pay.

No matter how hard things are in life, having a sick child is one of the hardest. Watching a child suffer really does make your heart ache. I would encourage anyone who can help, even if it is only a small donation, to donate to a place that helps children from all over Maine.

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