Book Feedback

I finished the book in two sittings. The night of the book group I read half and it stuck with me all week and then last night I read the other half, both times completely THERE. I found myself feeling that feeling when I’m reading an author who knows what they’re doing… completely trusted that I was being taken along on a journey, in this case, a very difficult one but one that I knew would lead me to greater understanding.

I think this book should be read by everyone. Above all, it is a story of love and family and of will and how these intertwined. It informs us of the loss of control over life for all of you, the fear that flutters there in your gut, the despair that accompanies the setbacks that you kept kicking back into a corner, the strength you pulled from Hannah and she from you and her Dad and sister, and the wonder of Hannah—that she faced all this with such grace and fortitude!!! It really is a magnificent story!!!! The ladybug ovary infection: all I can say is that it added an absurdity to reality that mimicked the larger absurd reality of facing the death of your healthy, exuberant child.

And for medical people, who will feel like they have slipped into your shoes from the same room they live in, there is a wealth of understanding to be gained from reading this!

And for a family that is going through this: it gives words to the whole gamut of thoughts and feelings one experiences and, if I was going through what you were going through, I would want this in my pocket. It’s a roadmap of what is needed: to consider the importance of all my actions in the healing process; to not hide from the inevitable negative thoughts but face them down and thus find greater understanding through them; to know that one will largely lose oneself in this process but, ironically come to know oneself AND LOVED ONES through the hardships; the importance of taking small pleasures that keep the well from drying up. And to know that going through this process, regardless of outcome, magnifies what is important in life.

It is an enormous accomplishment!!!!
Margaret Murray, PhD.

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